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Chokushin Aiki Jujutsu

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Manuals and Information

General Introduction Student Guide




  • Self Defense ConditioningMartial Arts General Guide
  • Finding a Martial Arts School
  • Training Tips and expectations
  • Types of Martial Arts
  • Training Partners and more !!!
  • Download now !!!! 192 KB 8 Pages
  • This is a free e-book in PDF format

Chokushin Aiki Jujutsu Student Guide

  • The art and Science of Chokushin Aiki JujutsuChokushin Beginers Guide
  • An ancient Japanese Martial Art
  • Introductory Student Guide
  • Download now !!!! 182 KB 15 Pages
  • This is a free e-book PDF format


Falling Down for Fun !!

  • Ukemi - Falling Techniques
  • Safe Falling Drills Safe Falls
  • Practice Ukemi to enhance your throws
  • Download Now !!! 1,441 KB 18 Pages
  • This is a free e-book in PDF format